Everybody wants to be a hero…

When nobody is saying nothing. They’re talking but their not saying something. They’re saying words on radio, on newspapers, on tv, online, but actually they’re only getting out suppositions: If we cut dawn people salary, pensions and increase taxes we will be better. Other people , they say with expertise, comes out and turn it around and around (with a purpose of course ). From this moment there is only a matter of beliefs for the actual people.

I’m talking about Romania, despite the American title: “America! The land of opportunity!”  Romania is “the land where anything can happen”, and is not since the crisis started it is happening since 20 years. Nobody Not to many people  paid attention, back in the years. Now, everybody pays attention, because they paid until know all they have. But where to pay attention if there is no real leadership? Everybody is pointing in one or another direction. I’m really thinking to emigrate; Romania as it is will be a decent country to live in more than 10 years. We have a lot to learn yet, to teach others what we learn, to listen when anybody else is teaching us and most important we have a lot to work changing our mentality.

Ceausescu is not dead. His curse (because he is right to curse us for killing him on Christmas Day) to live in the heads and souls in almost half of the population of Romania keeps him alive. Yes, half of Romania is communist. Emigrate? Maybe, but not just yet…

PS: pardon my english.. i learnd it from the movies:)


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