The Expendables

9 old heads

Has anyone seen the movie? I’ve got some movie opinions  like confirming is a great action movie, although some screen effects are not as good as it could have been for a movie production like this. (watching the trailer)

I’m asking because first rumor is that they’ve done  a whooping 10 billion $ incomes from the first release. link

I don’t think Yahoo will be wrong in this…

I didn’t see it but it’s like a movie where all your child heroes are in it. It’s dreaming with open eyes.  Stallone is probably, now in his age, returning to that feeling of childhood heroes. You know, when you get older you start again acting like a child, that stuff…

No, actually, if i think it’s a kind of movie never been done before.

Keep them coming man! Talking about Friday 13th!Lucky number!


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