Inception – my thoughts, my dreams

Finally, I’ve seen it! One super idea that was in most of our heads. A dream in a dream… in a dream. Maybe every time we go to sleep we go into a dream and when we wake up we really don’t wake up but we are still dreaming and every time we are going to a deeper level until our mind seize to work. We than stop and die.

When I was little I had a near same approach idea. The only difference in my mind was that when we go to sleep we really live and when we wake up we are dreaming. I though this because in your dreams you could have done anything and anybody will comply and that’s way i though that i was really living when i was dreaming. It helped my imagination a lot. It was all finished when I was daydreaming already when instead I’ve should have done my homework. Nice times:)

Anyway, the whole movie is build in a fantasy world already, making you to think that in fact the main character is trapped already and he is imagining things or he is just having a long dream. Based on the idea of the movie, this is a great story for love and family. It almost has it all, drama, action and emotions. I wouldn’t change the end for nothing, because in the end it leaves for all the viewers an INCEPTION.


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