Lie to Me

It’s like saying… come on baby lie to me! if you dare. Tim Roth is like reborn in this new serial. The role is getting him a new aura and he is really giving human dimension to the character, even by the way he walks or the really expressive faces. Otherwise, the screenplay lets you think but not guess in totality what’s gone happen. This is what serial should be like, but one in a while should leave some unresolved cases and maybe resolve one or two issues between the company’s employers. You can look at a clock and realize what time something big is going to happen in the show. I really hope they don’t make it a forever unresolved issues between themselves and a forever triumph on the bad guys, because it will transform it in a soap opera or something. Or hope not to transform it like an ongoing for episodes and episode a story that could have been told in 10 minutes – heroes style.

Anyway, searching a little trough internet u’ll find for sure that this kind of face guess is not so strange to researchers or governments.

The others also make a good strong character but in the end Tim Roth is holding all the show together.

Oh, by the way, I was thinking would it make it a reliable and profitable business in a country, say, like Romania? Somebody should definitely at least try


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