Tears of the sun bullshit no.2

So, Bruce Willis killed Osama Bin (Ben) Laden. That’s a fact. In fact, I’m not sure but probably Chuck Norris has something to do with this and Bruce Willis takes all the credit or something. Anyway, I’ve decided to write this in English for all the Americans out there, being happy about Osama being killed.

I don’t like conspiratorial theories thrown on a limp without any solid evidence. But I like a good logic and a credible presumption. So, presuming that Osama wasn’t dead or killed in the last ten years, why kill him know. I don’t believe and I can’t get a reasonable explanation why is Osama’s fault for all the young guys killed in Iraq. What the fuck had to do Saddam with Osama? Just because they say so? On TV? I thought that only in Romania we are lied with the help of television. It turns out that more than half of the population of the “greatest” country is lied and eats every bullshit spoken on TV.

For a president to come out and be jolly happy about this subject, without any hard solid evidence is more than a little childish. Why he had to be the one that told this on TV? Couldn’t, let’s say one of the white house spokesmen do it, or one super mega secret service boss? I like to believe that one day the petrol will really finishes, although I’m working in one oil drilling co., and you americans will be awake and see all that lies along the time and all that crime done in different countries in the fake name of the democracy. Who gives you the right to go and “liberate” other countries?

You know, I like Bruce Willis. In every movie he kills the bad guy with that vicious contagious smile on his face. That’s the only thing he does and he does it best. Tears of the sun was about an Africa country. Maybe you saw it maybe it is a big bullshit. But one thing I know and this is not from Bruce’s movie. Is from seeing real stuff happening.

Why you, so great americans, can’t “liberate” let’s say Nigeria or Somalia? You need money to do this. To have a war you also need money, but important is who is paying for this. With money and blood. And more important is the real reason. For a patch of oil. My friends, oil will be finished one day or maybe some small companies will give us the solution for not running on oil. Anyway, I hope that I’m alive then and see who ever is your president going red white and blue on TV, telling you another big lie saying not to panic you have oil.But is not in America. And is finished.

The people in third countries are the one that need help. But there you can’t extort maybe any oil, and you really can’t stop the meat traffic and drugs traffic. You just hope it will kill each other and go away like a bad nightmare. My friends, I say it again. The nightmare will come to your country also, maybe earlier than you think. You, nation of all possibilities, if you really want to be our – the last of remaining world – hero, help, eradicate governments in Somalia, Nigeria, Venezuela, Columbia, Cuba, give that people a chance, but you do that and after that, get the fuck out of that country because, and read well when I say this, IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY. Remember to that people that you can come back if things go wrong again. Be the bad nightmare, but to the real bad guys.

Anyway, I wrote this in English, maybe I had some grammar mistakes, but the point is simple. Your not the center of the world and you don’t have any rights more than other people to own countries and people. Your like the british, but without the attitude, self-centered and very hard to live with.

I pray to God that somebody will stop you before you kill other people. Because is a big and bloody round about, killing other people it will only bring other kills.

You are not even sure that Osama is responsible for 9/11 and you are happy he is dead. Maybe God will not bless America with another war.

2 comments on “Tears of the sun bullshit no.2

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