One credit

Although I expressed my opinion with the way Americans live and think, here, I’ve forgotten one of the most important characteristic that is generally defined in movies and in the style of life. It has been perpetuated in their industry and films so much that it almost comes like a normal thing to expect in a movie from the main character and not only. It comes to us like the right thing to do in the main character’s life, but we don’t see it anymore we don’t take it into consideration for ourselves, we’re just receiving it trough their art expression. It’s easy we say to each other and it’s the right thing to do (this is another subject what’s right and what’s not) as we accept it, but when it comes to us in real life we say stop, our way of life our customs, our tradition, our mentality,our education says stop. For them, their education and way of life is not a stone in their course, that’s why America’s got a way of living that we will not understand completely even if we go to live there. Giving up on some things for doing what they like or not giving a damn shit but still doing what they like with their profession, their life, choosing different paths even the others next to one are against it, being free in mind and choices even if is not for the others the good thing to do are making that one credit that I’ll give to them for being what the hell they want, marrying the wrong or good character in their life, choosing the different way as they see it for their professional direction, giving a free education to their child. All this put together in time  get’s America on the first row in the world. Constantly and free improving their life they will always be one of the firsts. Maybe this is why they think of themselves as God almighty.. I don’t know, but for this freedom and scare less  of life  and for their pragmatism which results from all this I’ll give them one really big credit.

PS: I’ve just wanted to say this; not really a point but just gettin it out of my system you know.

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