Steve is gone

It is not a news anymore that he is no longer between us, but as Obama said, the tragedy is that most o f the people fund up this news on their Iphone,Ipad etc Apple product. Is it Apple gone be the same success and visionary story as they have been until now? No. Steve was the man. It is and was a one-man business.

The lost gets new dimensions of greatness when compared to what it will happen to the competition and the industry that Steve changed. No company has put so much pressure on mobile phones industries, software and pc’s and notebook and laptop technologies. The problem is that without his vision we find ourselves again set back about 10 years in terms of inventions.

We need another Steve? Everybody is replaceable they say, but not a man like Steve. Indeed we need another person who is capable to do some sort of stuff that Steve used to pull but the reality is that no one can be as Steve Jobs was.


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