Finally I’ve seen it. Needless to say that I’ve loved it. Daniel Day Lewis is in perfect condition as always. Marion and the others are one the edge of glamour and genius.

Firsts things first. This is a movie from about 2009 that i recently fund out. I could never imagined Day Lewis impersonating an intalian….I mean a british that have been impersonating irish british types almost all his life doing an italian. Who would have thought?But from the large smile and the chewing gum until the black suit black tie white shirt with hair like true italiano Mr Lewis was perfect.
Marion, i ve uploaded a photo of her not only for uploading but for seeing what i saw. Not many people on this planet can dress in a straight dress with hair all tucked in and still look sexy as … Hepburn. This is what i saw. Catherine Hep all over again but with a sweetnes and a real french face that can melt your heart away.
Kate, Kidman, Dench were right in their places. Not to much not to less but there. Than Cruz that i saw with her not so slim waist for a dancing musical stiil pushing hard, was desirable and managed to pull almost everything for the role acting like an italian mistress. For Fergie i think it was a great oportunity to show that she can be tranformed from the crazy fitness chick into a curved crazy zorba mixed italian with sexyness all over being a real master of all easy women. Great role for her.
The movie was great althought it might havw been better if some scenes were repositioned to the script.
On the downside it was eligilble for gettin almost 80 mil $ but did only 20. Not all good movies do great on box office. It had 4 oscar nominies and other awards but none of them wins. Anyway the major downset and why i think it was setback was because it was launched in the period were Chicago stall almost any face of any musicals.
Marion, altought this movie is not focused on her is like i once read… perfect combination of women inside her.. or like the movie says:

Thank you! – For looking like these!


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