Crazy Stupid Soap Opera

From the beginning it doesn’t feel like one, only in the end. I’ll try not to make it a spoiler, but a few details must be said. Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei just got a little older in my eyes, although Marisa in the wrestler show more than a usual 40’s woman much more. I think one of the line in the movie was written with her in mind: Perfect combination of sexy and cute.

Ok, the story is keeping more than one lead although is presented only by Steve Carel role witch is nice but more nice is that the stroy doesn’t let you anticipate to much, only a little bit to keep you interested. Steve Carel does a decent role like all the others that is involved, he is the great mocked guy in all the movies that in the end gets it right. But with this movie there is a little more than this. There are one or more shots that get it right and gives you a player Steve Carel, witch is hard to imagine but it is possible. You can see that he worked a little in the gym for this.

The other male actor is Ryan Gosling witch I still don’t get why is so high rated. He developed a nice worked body but the face is still for a rather butter way to sweet guy. And the acting is not that impressive. I mean there not much to act in the role but still, one can get more than a cheesy smile and a pick up line.

The clothes are top of the line for the movie. Witch brings me back to the girls in the movie. Marisa is still a great women and actress portraying perfectly her role. Julianne Moore is way to washed down and Kevin Bacon still doesn’t get a good decent role for a movie. Beside his role from X men First Class still poor, in this one he is like a ghost that has nothing more to show.

The interpolation between characters revealed in the end is the cherry on the cake making, I don’t know if it was intentional or not, one big soap opera connections.

Still recommended it for all family, although it might give to somebody in the family new ideas:) who knows?

Soon to come:  Abduction, Johnny English Reborn, Killer Elite, Midnight in Paris etc



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