Midnight in Paris

I know Woody Allen films. I do. But this one is just a waist of talent an idea. I mean there are a few really great strong ideas, like rain in Paris… well in any other town it depends on your type of being.

Anyway it sounded like a great movie with a great cast. The cast is great except for Owen. I don’t know what he pulls of in Hollywood to get into these movies but for the sleazy clothes he wears and the untouched hair his acting is full of whispered words in a way almost makes me sick. I don’t know, I was expecting more from this movie instead it was a big disappointing story. The script and story line is ambiguous the characters are melting into centuries and it just doesn’t add up. I mean so much more could have happen from this idea, instead it turned out an amalgam of celebrity characters  and nothing more. 

I’ll stop speaking about Marion who again steals the show, ( i mean she plays a french girl, how hard can that be for her) but I think the other french 20 century characters women’s where really good picked portraying dreaming women of french.

Adrian Brody is a convincing Dali, but the others are not. It’s not the actors fault but the script and the little time given in the movie to make a difference. I mean Pablo is a quiet painter with an attitude … or Hemingway is always a fighter and a drinker… I don’t think is inspiring or great to show only some part of this type of characters, in which you would not have sufficient time in 3 movies.

Anyway, if you don’t have anything to do and another movie to watch and is raining outside you might give it a try.


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