So, starting a normal sentence with so, Abduction you don’t wanna see, Killer Elite is watchable but not with so many emotions, which is normal because Jason Statham was in it.

Abduction has a really nice story behind but my god, Taylor if that is really his name is great together with Kristen Stewart, I mean, emotionless is a really big word. What they can do is beyond that. They can really win a poker tournament with their eye wide closed. 🙂

Killer Elite is on the other hand one movie with some god actors, Clive Owen really pulls it of with a mustache all movie around. De Niro, although a fart old ass still inspires fear with a shot from the eyes. Jason, is not that god in acting but regarding emotions he can transmit one o two, fear and anger. Anyway, the movie is set back in the 70’s and what is happening in the movie is still believable and I really think there where and still are men like this among us. By men like these I mean a men who can shoot in a crowded metro station from a 50 meters away trough a bag and some clothes in a men’s leg.

Found an adjective for Ryan Gosling. “Cry baby”… maybe he is nothing like that, but his face is like that. He can act a great cry baby face in a movie I think. I, just saw Drive. Directed in a style like Taxi Driver with some modernism into it, it makes a good impression. Watchable but not for everyone.

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