1st December

I’ve always seen 1st December as a powerful and meaningful national holiday. But now, the years have passed so I think more and more about 1st of December (national holiday for being a Romanian). Almost every year we gathered among friends just to sit and talk maybe something to eat or going with the kids somewhere. But, know I know that this holiday is for sure to spend it doing what you want. But I mean what you really want. This day is supposed to make you wanna do that thing you’ve always wanted to do but you never have enough guts, because this is why our forefathers fought and liberated the country. For us to feel and be free. Not going on squares and shout things over to the government and prime and president or going politically on their asses unless, and read well unless you really feel like.

Celebrating for almost 20 years, 1st December, for the first time ( I think last years and the year before that was the same but never said nothing) feels like a normal day, not a holiday, but a free work day to do whatever you want.

But, isn’t that what is meant to be?

Feel free.


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