The last year of the human kind as ancient Mayans predicted, is about to begin. Should we live this year as the last one in our lives?

Anyway, all I wanted is a summary and some new years resolutions but ended up thinking about Mayan culture and end of the world. Changing in a positive directions, shouldn’t we live not a year but every day as the last one? At least this is what most books, movies and people say.

Thinking back isn’t what the world said back in the 1900 when cars with combustion engines where like electrical cars now. Or back in the days when the first machinery replaced people, isn’t that the world said that everything with will come to an end.  In fact, we are afraid of the unknown. Not anybody knows what’s gonna happen in the next year, month or day, can only try to predict or to stick to a plan.

The truth is that human being is build this way. The brain is build this way, to try to find out what’s gonna happen. That is way we have dreams, we try to make plans, we try to have summaries and new resolutions as part of some plan that is by his turn part of a mega mind plan of the same person or other persons. So, why try to find out what’s gonna happen instead of living day by day. They say “carpe diem’ . I really think that this carpe diem is so for the hippies style.

Together with this you can add the speed. The speed of information that goes through every media channel every day into our brains, making you think that if you don’t consume now you will not have another occasion and you will day unhappy without having 150′ led screen or a Porsche or some other product.  Ok, some of it are for some of the poeaple necessary but when the time comes, because the end is not near. Not by a century.

For 2012 i think that we will not see the end of the world, but what i really hope to see for the next year to came is better people doing good things, saving some how the third world people from dying of starving etc,

For 2012 all I can say: “Time is one my side… / yes it is…/” (Fallen – who did not see it, it is a must see)


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