Jamie Oliver watch out!!!:)

New subsection is one of my other skills’ (my tasters have granted me with that word, so for them I have skills) is cooking. My job involved some hours to be spend for

food supplying and taking care of a small catering team so I try to learned from what I though was best.

They say that a food you can’t describe with words (unless you’re a famous author) or recipes because people loose interest reading how is done. So here are a few pictures with the name of the food (my names ). For recipes only ask.


3 comments on “Jamie Oliver watch out!!!:)

  1. ”Cu siguranta oferi multa viata vietii” – Foarte faina vorba si nu poti avea mai multa dreptate in legatura cu relatia directa intre cum te exteriorizezi, ce oferi si ce ti se ofera in schimb din exterior. Fain post!

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