One Day

One day you will realize that everything in life will be about the choices that you make and the destiny in front of you. Combining the 2 of them will simply be your life as you know it. Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t take down that roads in front and took another ones will I still meet me true love and have a beautiful child or maybe I didn’t even met them and it is all nothing but only a lie to my self?

Anyway, One Day we all will find out. Just like in the movies. Especially this movie. Ok, I admit there are a few movie like these out there but nothing that emotionally have been done lately. Enjoy a swapping Anne Hathaway , who stole the main character figure. Initially the story is focused on both of them, the director and the script the movie are trying to keep it that way but in the end  you keep thinking mostly about her.

Is it me or the combo of a beautiful brunette and a Japanese styled dress  is a drop dead gorgeous? Enjoy.

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