Be real…. ?!!? What’s the point?


What do all this girls have in common ?

Apparently this music video with Dan Balan. Enjoy the pictures below and read the rest if you’re interested.


This is from a videoclip since 2008 or somewhere in that area and where the girls used to shoot some hot scenes. In fact, the scenes where so hot that stayed in my memory for a long time.

SO, everybody is saying to be real, to be the real you… I like these girls but how much of them are presented real?

Ok, lets put it in another light. Ok, they are really looking like these when they are alone in their home with their boyfriend or…(mind rampling… stop please) … but what is the point, for a girl to try to look like these girls who had mother nature in their advantage when later on frustrated with the fact that they couldn’t be like this marries a poor bastard and makes his life a living hell. So be real, what’s the point?


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