Now this is really awkward, because generation MTV has really pull it off with a nice teenager’s show. Strongly recommended for almost every ages. And the title is almost to perfection because the new generation is what you might consider awkward… or am i gettin older? Doesn’t matter, the Awkward series is a good show about high school, popularity and major development in every life character. Nice one. I hope it doesn’t get stuck in just one season.

New Girl with major Hollywood asset as  Zooey Deschanel in first place, is very very boring.. i couldn’t watch even the pilot.

Even though i like  Kat Dennings her show “2 broke girls” doesn’t surprise me in not even a muscle. I mean, Denings is a good actor, a real actor who can impersonate almost any kind of girl but here is sort of getting lost some how. Maybe the economic downside has gotten her also. Like the forms on the girl. Looks beautiful and natural. Almost like a scream for ” Say No to plastic!” I’m right behind you:)



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