Elementary, my dear…

Now, I really like Robert Downey Jr. and his movies, not so much the Sherlock that was impersonated by him but hey it must be a commercial version PG rated. Anyway, from what I’ve seen lately I found the real Sherlock.

SherlockBenedict Cumberbatch) is the person which doesn’t gets to you from a distance, visually, but when you see it close to you it must be freackin’ ireal. Great choice of actors. I must admit that I only saw  Benedict Cumberbatch in minor roles and until now I didn’t know who he was. Martin Freeman same thing.

Ok, back to the show. I don’t need to see for Sherlock Holmes to many special effects like in the movie, the ones for the TV show are on the spot. Not to many, not to less and very good presented. Sherlock is brought back in the 20’s century where mobile phones are real and google maps works. So, from this mixture I think that bringing Sherlock in the present gets a nice perspective on what Sherlock would have been in our times. It’s transmitting that feeling perfectly. Also in the first shows it shows how the deduction logic is working as a science. One more thing interesting is that the show is not only 45 minutes and Sherlock must solve it or else he dies or something like that. No, the show lasts 90 minutes and it is full with different characters and information that by the end of it you don’t realise what it hits. The character is not on a immortal pedestal raised over the night, but very much human.

For those who saw the series this is interesting: http://www.thescienceofdeduction.co.uk/

Very good work. To bad if it will be stopped like Lie to Me, let’s say.

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