As maybe a half of the able to read population knows who is Paulo Coelho  and what kind of books he’s producing, so am I. My immense joy and appreciation for him got even bigger when I found Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

It is one of the first celebrity blogs that are written by his own hands and I mean, you can be absolutely positive about this, just because, I don’t think that you can impersonate Mr. Coelho writing.

I have read a good part of his legacy to us mortals:) and I still don’t know where to categorise his novels and books. They are psychological trips to one’s soul but the writing is made which such an ease that almost every time you find yourself in the moment of an awakening. This must be done because he can take you down that road where all usual and normal minds are traveling and then when you least expect he’ll show you a new road that nobody was thinking about it in that moment or ever in time. For this, Coelho’s work is a gold mine every time you are going through it, because you need to read it not only one time but from time to time to find that paths and roads that nobody or just a few have wondered.

Thank you Mr. Coelho!

Paulo Coelho’s Blog

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