Why blogging?

Since when I found out about internet and how stuff works I felt the need to express my self, to connect with people, to start conversation, to play online games and why not, start a revolution in online industry. Ok, I growth up realize where my place is and started from there, but why a blog?

In the last years of internet era lots of things got changed. Facebook appeared stronger and bigger, Google changed his position from simply a search engine and site got more complexer from blogs to e-commerce or zen cart e shops or whatever you can think of, but internet got bigger and stronger in every man’s life. Good thing bad thing, who I am to decide? I just take it as it is and if I have a saying in all of this then I’ll express it. Through out a blog. Because wordpress platform gives me what I need in terms of writing, designing, site’s structure and SEO let’s say. I don’t have nothing to sale, yet, but when I do, probably I’ll get a site, keep the blog on the side or maybe the blog’s platforms like wordpres and blogger will go beyond imagination and give us mortals users what we need.

Regarding so called SOPA and ACTA, maybe they will get to some of the online companies, but internet got so bigger that I think it cannot be contained so easily. That should have been done, if they wanted to, some decade years ago.

Blogging became what I thought. A means to emphasize, to express, communicate your life’s hobbies, passions and why not, life. I liked blogging since it appeared in the industry but never got a clear chance or internal power, to have one. Now I do and I’ll keep on writing and showing what I think I know best. Writing for myself, for some readers, for the subjects, for the adjectives, for getting it out of my system and for … you.


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