My humble approach

20 SEC READING: the boy and the devil — Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

” The boy was walking to buy bread when the mayor of the city crossed the street.

‘The reason he is so powerful, is because, he’s made a pact with the devil,’ a very devout woman in the street told the boy.

Some time later, when travelling to another town, the boy saw a beautiful corn field. He asked who the owner was.
‘All this land belongs to the same man. I’d say the Devil had a hand in that.’ – answered one of the villagers.

At this very moment, a beautiful woman walked past the boy. A priest also saw her and said aloud:
‘That woman is in the services of Satan!’

From then on, the boy decided to seek the Devil out. One day he managed to see him face to face.

‘They say you can make people powerful, rich, and beautiful.’

‘To be totally honest, this is not true’ replied the Devil.
‘You have just been listening to the views of those who are trying to promote me.’ “


(my humble approach)

The boy left the Devil alone and walked back to his home. As he pasted the beautiful corn he saw a very well dressed man next to it.

‘ How God doesn’t see this now? I’ve gathered all this land and I’m so rich but never happy with my family.’ – said the man toward his corn field.

The boy walked by and later on the road he saw the same beautiful women standing on the side of the road, crying. As he walked by he could hear the women cries:

‘ Why God is answering me?Why every men that sees never likes me for what I am inside? ‘ – the women cried.’

As he approached his home, at the same time the mayor of his city walked by speaking to itself:

‘Where is God now? I’ve stalled from people I’ve had them trow in jail and did bad things to them and they elected me mayor.’

Hearing this,  he decided to seek God also. One day he managed to see him face to face.

‘I have seen that people is looking for you and you don’t answer.’ – the boy told God.

‘ You’ve seen the people who think I forgot them, but instead they forgotten me,’ replied God to the boy.

The boy left God and one day as he was walking near by a large prison he saw a vicious looking men walking out through out the big gates. As walked by the men said to the boy:

‘Where is God now? I’ve killed, I’ve done a lot of bad things and they still let me go.’

‘Why do you think you are out of the prison?’ the boy replied.

Another time later when he was going to buy cigarettes for his father he saw a young men in the store who looked funny with his eye almost red.

‘Ha, ha I smoked and drank all  I could find in my life and humiliated lots of women. Why God isn’t stopping me?’

‘When you’ll meet him you’ll know why.’ the boy said to the men.

One day he went to the church for his confessions. There the same priest that spoke about the beautiful women was praying:

‘What answers should I choose from you’re thoughts, God? Why you punish us for some sins and for others not?’

‘You’re punishes don’t come from God, they come from yourself.’

Then when the years have pasted the boy grew older and  he became a carpenter. One day when the mayor gathered all the people in their small town for a meeting, the men that was the boy who met God and the Devil, when was invited to say his opinion, he stood up and spoke so everybody could hear:

‘We all wishes to what we can’t have, but we forget what we can have.’

—————Traducerea in romana—————


“Un baiat mergea sa cumpere paine cand primarul orasului a traversat strada in fata lui.


‘Motivul, pentru care este atat de puternic, este pentru ca a facut un pact cu diavolul,’ i-a spus femeie cu inversunare.


Ceva mai tarziu, cand calatorea catre un alt oras, baiatul a vazut un lan frumos si mare de porumb si a intrebat cine este propietarul.


‘Tot pamantul asta ii apartie aceluiasi om. As zice ca diavolul are o mana in asta.’ – i-a raspuns unul din sateni.


In acelasi timp, o femeia frumoasa a trecut pe langa baiat. Un preot care a vazut-o a zis cu voce tare:


‘Femeia asta este in slujba satanei!’


De atunci incolo, baiatul a decis sa-l caute pe diavol. Intr-o zi, a reusit sa se intalneasca cu el fata in fata.


‘Se zice ca poti sa faci oamenii puternici, bogati si frumosi.’


‘Ca sa fiu sincer pana la capat, nu este chiar adevarat’ i-a replicat diavolul.


‘Tu ai auzit si vazut numai parerile celor care incearca sa ma promoveze.’ “





(umila mea contributie)


In timp ce  se intorcea acasa, baiatul trecu pe langa lanul de proumb pe care il mai admirase. Acolo vazu la marginea drumului un om imbracat in haine scumpe.


‘Cum de nu vede D-zeu asta acum? Am adunat tot pamantul asta si atata bogatie si nu sunt niciodata fericit cu familia?’ – rosti barbatul catre lanul sau de porumb.


‘ How God doesn’t see this now? I’ve gathered all this land and I’m so rich but never happy with my family.’ – said the man toward his corn field.


Baiatul a trecut pe langa si pe marginea drumului o vazu pe aceasi femeie frumoasa, plangand. In timp ce trecea pe langa ea ii auzi plansetul:


‘De ce D-zeu nu imi raspunde? De ce fiecare barbat nu ma place pentru ce e in sufletul meu?’ – plangea femeia.


In timp ce se apropia de casa sa, in acelasi timp primarul orasului trecu pe langa el vorbindu-si singur:


‘Unde e D-zeu acum? Am furat de la oameni, i-am aruncat in puscarie si le-am facut lucruri rele si totusi ei m-au ales primar.’


Auzind astea baitul se hotari sa-L caute pe D-zeu. Intr-o zi a reusit sa se intalneasca cu El fata in fata.


‘Am vazut ca lumea te cauta si Tu nu raspunzi.’ i-a spus baiatul.



‘Ai vazut oamenii care cred ca Eu i-am uitat, dar de fapt ei m-au uitat pe mine,’ i-a raspuns D-zeu.


Baiatul a plecat si in timp ce trecea pe langa o inchisoare mare a vazut un om cu o infatisare infricosatoare trecand de portile deschise. In timp ce trecea pe langa el omul i-a spus baiatului:


‘Unde e D-zeu acum? Am omorat si am facut lucruri foarte rele si totusi ei m-au lasat sa plec.’ rase sfidator omul catre copil.


‘De ce crezi ca ai iesit din inchisoare?’ il intreba baiatul.


Mai tarziu, in alta zi cand tatal sau l-a trimis sa cumpere tigari, a vazut un tanar la magazin care arata ciudat si avea ochii rosii.


‘Ha, ha, am fumat si am baut tot ce am gasit in fata mea si am umilit multe femei. De ce nu ma opreste D-zeu?’ il intreba tanarul pe baiat.


‘Cand Il vei intalni si vei stii de ce.’ i-a raspuns baiatul.


Intr-o zi baiatul se duse la biserica pentru spovedanie. Acolo acelasi preot care vorbise de femeia frumoasa se ruga la D-zeu:


‘Ce raspunsuri sa aleg din gandurile Tale, Doamne? De ce ne pedepsesti pentru unele pacate si pentru altele nu?’ zise preotul cu mainile intinse spre Iisus.


‘Pedepsele nu vin de la D-zeu, vin de la tine insuti.’ ii aminti baiatul


Anii au trecut si baiatul a crescut devenind tamplar. Intr-o zi primarul orasului a adunat toti oamenii din micul lor oras pentru o intalnire. Barbatul care fusese baiatul care ii intalnise pe D-zeu si pe diavol, cand a fost invitat sa-si spuna opinia, s-a ridicat si a rostit tare ca sa-l poata auzi toata lumea:


‘Noi toti ne dorim ceea ce nu putem sa avem, dar uitam ceea ce putem sa avem.’



‘ Why God is answering me?Why every men that sees never likes me for what I am inside? ‘ – the women cried.


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