(tradus in romana)

I will always love you….? Really? Not so much. Just wait until you die so I can go trough out your personal life like is my own and crush and analise everything I care or do not care like it is something natural.

Courious thing is that it have been only 2 days until Valentine’s Day so, could have she been celebrating for an early 14 of february? Maybe, who knows.Anyway, like most singers of her caliber it must be understood one thing. The higher you get (not double meaningfull) the higher you fall. Like this guy says, it is the industry that modeled Mr. Houston and not the other way around. Maybe, who knows.

Whitney Houston died of a rock’n roll death. Withney Houston died because of her adiction or the life she choose to have. Whitney Houston died … because SHE DIED.End of story.

Sad. It was sad since the moment she was cought in some airport a decade ago with heroine in the bag. That was a sad moment for me. This is even sadder because there was a chance, there always is. Hope dies last, right? I don’t know if she was a strong person or the her anturage brought her this way, but my memory about her will still be the soap drama movie The Bodyguard and her videoclip of the same movie soundtrack.

There is only one moment in time or maybe if your luky enough two moments in everybody’s life when yo’re up and going the distance. For Whitney Houston that time have pasted. Her memorial should be somewhat like other stars, keepin her music alive and up there with the rest of the out of this world voices. Maybe dying is the post mortem relaunching of her old tunes, that will keep us the memory of her beautifull voice alive. Never forget that, Whitney Houton, the voice, is alive.

PS:Hey, perhaps God wanted to hear her voice up there with the other great artists. Maybe, who knows.


I will always love you….? Really? Nu prea. Stai pana sa mori si sa vezi ce-mi bag nasul in viata ta personala sa stric ce pot sa analizeze tot ce-mi pasa sau nu.

Lucru curios este ca mai erau 2 zile pana la Sf. Valerica, deci poate e posibil sa fi petrecut un Sf. Valerica in avans? Cine stie, poate.

Oricum, ca toti cantaretii de calibrul ei trebuie sa fie inteles un singur lucru. Cu cat esti mai sus cu atat cazi mai tare. Asa cum zice si tipul de aici, industria a modelat-o pe ea si nu invers. Cine stie, poate.

Whitney Houston a murit ca un rock’n roll. Whitney Houston a murit din cauza dependentei de droguri sau din cauza vietii pe care a ales-o sa-o traiasca. Whitney Houston A MURIT. Sfarsit.

Trist. A fost din momentul in care a fost prinsa in aeroport acum o decada cu heroina in poseta. Acela a fost un moment trist pentru mine. Mai trist este ca exista o sansa, intotdeauna. Speranta moare ultima, nu? Nu stiu daca era o persoana puternica sau e vina anturajului, dar in mintea mea va ramane cu telenovela drama de film The Bodyguard si videoclipul in aceasi coloana sonora.

E un singur moment in timp sau poate, daca esti destul de norocos 2 momente in viata fiecaruia cand esti sus acolo. Pentru Whitney Houston momentul trecuse. Memorialul ei ar trebui sa fie ca si la alte staruri, tinand musica ei in viata si acolo sus cu restul de voci care nu apartin lumii acesteia. Poate moartea este o relansare post mortem a vechilor hit uri, care ne vor mentine aminirea vocii ei minunate. Nu uita niciodata, Whitney Houston, vocea, traieste.

PS: Hei, poate D-zeu a vrut sa auda vocea ei acolo sus cu ceilalti mari artisti. Poate, cine st

Whitney Houston is alive / traieste

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