Jean Claude Van Damme.

Well, since I was little, I was a huge fan. For the fight scenes, not the acting. “JCVD”, the movie had some small acting efforts, and that was it.  But for sure, I don’t think his next release will be a major hit: Welcome to the Jungle.

Welcome to the …. ah well, welcome.

Writer – Jeff Kauffmann – never hear of him (unintentional, not mean)

Director – Rob Meltzer  – Director of a few 5 movies (so called) in which a serial and a short movie and… who the fuck cares because as the main star of the movie, JCVD, will give directions I guess. 🙂 Just pray that it will not suck that much.

Next to him, co-starring  is Adam Brody, although not a first hand on major movies but never the less included in some much better movies like Jennifer’s Body, Mr & Ms. Smith, Thank you for smoking, Cop Out, Scream 4, Damsels in distress (main character and a good ranking 7.5) and has lined up another success, I think, in the not yet released movie Lovelace , not as a prime star but in there to be noticed. So, is fair to say he has a normal growing path laid ahead but if you do a movie with JCVD you never know.  Maybe he wants some action movie on hi resume.

Eh…the girls… oh my God! and not in a good way.

Kristen Schaal – A remarkable face in secondary apperances but mostly she played voices on different movies, so I don’t want to be mean but hey…who knows. I guess she plays the wife for JC. -just speculation)

Megan Boone – the reason why is a jungle in the title I guess. nice face, small roles and movies like Sex and the City part 2 , My Bloody Valentine, I don’t think that a JCVD movie will be her big break.

Bianca Bree –  – well, JC’s daughter and of course Kristopher Van Varenberg – JC’s son. Probably he wants like every god parent to get them in a good career path. So, a family movie for a family movie. Maybe they will play as his son and daughter in the movie also, otherwise it will suck up even more.

I forgot to say it will be a comedy. So, I’m not lowering my expectations for the movie so I can say after that JC can pull one out… right?

Anyway, having this kind of ‘dangerous’ mix in the actors and the writers and directors who the fuck will invest as a producer? Probably JCVD 🙂 or just a huge huge rich billion style fan.

Why so detailed analysis of a low B soon to be movie?

Because, for JCVD, as a fan of him as a human person not as a movie star (if this is even possible) I hope for him is to get his career back on track, like lets say, Liam Neeson’s. Maybe Expendables 2 will do that for him.

JCVD still remains the same charismatic man since he got in the valley, with the great positive attitude that got him this far. Drugs habit, alter ego problem, he is JCVD, a man that reinvented high kicks moves in movies. He will stil be remembered as the Muscles.from.Brussels (spoiler alert – facebook page 🙂  ) that looked like a god with a slick smile that dropped most of women pants. Back in the days I mean.

I also think, he should fight Somluck to show some of the moves. It doesn’t matter if he wins or not. He has the balls to fight it. Mickey Rourke did the same. You win some you loose some, in the end all that matters is that you’re still JCVD the man who made all by his own in Hollywood. Just a pack of muscle with great charisma.

Can wait on Expendable 2. It will be like a small child fantasy (that I actually had togheter with my childhood friends) come true!!!! Thank you Mr. Stallone and all the other involved. Tha last action movie film will be the Exepndables 2. No other stars will be like them, unless for 40 yars to come.

Bonus Gallery : IMDB pictures TIME TO FIGHT!


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