J. Edgar – the movie

Before I sat down to watch this movie I got so high expectation because of the people implied and I mean DiCaprio and Eastwood. Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby where some remarkable movies going into some artistic sphere of untouchables movies.

I knew it was a long movie, some 2 and 16 minutes, but I didn’t get bored. I was expecting something to burst out of the man characters, but the only thing that burs ted out was Leo’s acting. Some what exaggerated but that’s the point because of Hoover’s personality I guess.

Let’s start with make up. Either I didn’t realize it but in the movie Leo appears to be either young or old and just a fraction of it middle aged, or the men who spent 40 years in FBI creating it since age 24 I think it had some major changes trough out the years. The young hoover played by Di Caprio looked like he needed some more make up to hide his age, because let’s say it: Leo is not 20 anymore or 30 and still can look like 17teen.DiCaprio with all the efforts can not pull as similar to real J Edgar, but this can be some how over passed  by his talented acting. I guess he had some directions also from Eastwood. Eastwood for sure he got this movie making only for the reason to bring Hoover a new hero aura, over his methods.

The movie it self, show only passages of what Hoover has done in his career and only passages that are some what not that catchy. (he goes enumerating them in the end.. Dillinger, Kenedy etc.) Going the distance, this movie should have been about some real hard core stuff that J. Edgar pulled in his career to show his side of the story making him a real bad ass American hero, like his intrusion in presidents life and political strategy, although he didn’t accept any political influence on his Bureau to gain political freedom. Gay or not Hoover maintained a small balance on the people of the power by creating his famous files, that in the movies show that are destroyed. Nothing this valuable is ever lost. Americans are the only ones who believe this crap.

The movie plays a safe part in the Hoover depart. Maybe Eastwood in his 80’s he’s becoming a little soft or the screenwriter is as gay as shit and liked Hoover in that way:)

The movie is watchable mostly because of DiCaprio but in the end it remains a mediocre attempt to a life full of adrenalin.

You can not put a man who liked horse racing (gambling) in a movie of quietness.


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