The man with the golden mind

Back in the days there was a smart boy, who got very good grades in school and finished all the higher education with Magna Cum Laudae. This boy became a wise respected man in the community. He was invited to speak on local televisions and interviewed in magazines and public speaking in universities.

The man was happy in his small house that he inherited from his pasted parents. He didn’t need more for his life because he was welcomed and congratulated for bringing new and genius lights on many matters.

One day he saw a new car on the road. He was now in is 50’s and didn’t enjoy so much his long walks. He had a teaching job but could not get the money for the car. He was a wise man and knew that he did not need such a opulent and expensive car, but his desire grew more and more as he saw commercials on television and on the street.

So, one day he got some guts and went to the local dealer. The dealer recognized him as a former teacher of his and invited to his office. He was a much younger man. His office space was large and luxurious and the walls covered with photos with him riding specials and very rare cars.

” I’m the dealer and the owner of this beautiful cars,” said to the golden mind man. “My fortune cams from selling cars and I can help you get what you want” continued the dealer.

” I want that beautiful model” the brilliant man replied. “But I don’t have the money and I don’t know how to get that kind of money, all I now is that I want that car with all my life” said the man.

” I can not give you the car for nothing” replied the dealer.

” Since you know me, I’ll teach you everything you want to know from my knowledge”

“What do you have in your knowledge that I can’t buy?” the dealer asked him.

The man with the golden mind was speechless, because he knew that the dealer’s intelligence was not his strongest point and the question was not with bad intent, but he did realized that he spent his entire life teaching other people and not a day spent to earn money for him for what a mind can’t stop. Desires.

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