H & M 2nd photoshop mistake

How come is possible that after the skinny models that only their heads were changed, to make a model this tanned. Yahoo covers some explicit news about this. Apparently it all started with some Swedish cancer fighting organisation. But, my God, you can’t say she was black or some other stuff. It shows off a really tanned women… naturally or not is crazy. H&M department of Photoshop must resign as soon as they can. And I can guarantee H&M  top management that I’m available for PS altering and this will not happen… maybe some bigger parts on some models.. who knows

Una hacienda por favor!

I’m not dead … yet, I’m just working! I found a new site for house plans and 3d renderings totally online. So, creating and modifying and rendering has never been so available. You just need a big screen for better work. The sweethome3d.com will give almost anything for your new house plan. Of course is not as permissive as other 3d software, but for getting an idea of what you want is almost a perfect site. You can create materials, play with the walls, and so on.

On the bad side, they don’t have a negative field for flooring lets say or some cutting walls in diagonal shape, but in the end you’ll make some small compromising things and you’re done. And did I mention is totally online.

My new creation is a small modern hacienda like house and then I’ll have something else ready already. Oh, the ideas.. i just need to find some time to play in this. Sweeeeeeetttt!!!!

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PS: I almost forgot. You can print in .pdf the plans and they give you the list of all the objects in the house, the plan and a 3d preview all in a .pdf. Looks nice, very nice.

OMFG! I’m rich!

Remember this?

How much are they worth now I wonder? Anyway I’ve decided to keep some coins from my traveling places and maybe someday they will worth something. These are 20 years old so maybe when I’ll retire I’ll buy me a nice Ferrari… hopefully not 20 years old:)

The man with the golden mind

Back in the days there was a smart boy, who got very good grades in school and finished all the higher education with Magna Cum Laudae. This boy became a wise respected man in the community. He was invited to speak on local televisions and interviewed in magazines and public speaking in universities.

The man was happy in his small house that he inherited from his pasted parents. He didn’t need more for his life because he was welcomed and congratulated for bringing new and genius lights on many matters. Continue reading

My humble approach

20 SEC READING: the boy and the devil — Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

” The boy was walking to buy bread when the mayor of the city crossed the street.

‘The reason he is so powerful, is because, he’s made a pact with the devil,’ a very devout woman in the street told the boy.

Some time later, when travelling to another town, the boy saw a beautiful corn field. He asked who the owner was. Continue reading

Si seara lumina era mica…

Sufrageria era luminata slab de becurile de afara, de lumina de pe hol si de luna galbena. Canapeaua mi se parea ca o caleasca moale in timp ce stateam tolanit privind la televizorul cu purici. Cazuse si semnalul. M-am intins dupa telecomanda sa-l inchid iar cravata si camasa erau ca doua forte aparte ce uneltisera impotriva mea. Sacoul meu negru se asezase pe fotoliu ca si umbra unei persoane invizibile. Zgomotul fin al lipsei semnalului de la televizor era completat de niste pocnituri mici si cadentate de undeva de pe hol. In lumina blanda ce parea sa dea viata mobilei, o silueta zvelta sprijinita in tocul usii m-a oprit prin aparitia ei.Nici nu mai respiram, cred. Telecomanda mi-a cazut inpoi pe canapea. Tocurile ce se auzisera mai devreme erau inalte continuandu-se cu forma cilindrica a picioarelor acoperite de panza fina a ciorapilor pana la coapsa de unde piele era alba, fina asa cum o stiam. Sutienul luase o forma binecunoscuta si ma atintea de la distanta. Nu ii desluseam ochii, dar stiam, mai ales, cum ma privesc. Am intuit o usoara muscatura a buzei de jos. Toata imaginea fiintei desi cunoscuta, acum prindea alte dimensiuni. Era o femeie cu toate mirosurile de parfum si lenjerie intima care ma privea intr-un mod atat de provocator. Continue reading