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New project in development but up and running. I know. Confusing.


H & M 2nd photoshop mistake

How come is possible that after the skinny models that only their heads were changed, to make a model this tanned. Yahoo covers some explicit news about this. Apparently it all started with some Swedish cancer fighting organisation. But, my God, you can’t say she was black or some other stuff. It shows off a really tanned women… naturally or not is crazy. H&M department of Photoshop must resign as soon as they can. And I can guarantee H&M  top management that I’m available for PS altering and this will not happen… maybe some bigger parts on some models.. who knows

Sf. Valentin = Sf. Valerica mai cu frica


Sa fi fost prin 1997 – 1998 cand am simtit ca trebuie mizat pe Sf. Valerica? Nu mai stiu. Sarbatoarea importata a prins un gust dulce aromat de ciocolata ambalata in forme de inimioare rosii si in Romania. Ce poate fi mai siropos decat o cutie de ciocolata in forma de inimioara? Nu stiu.. poate sa fie insotita de o mica poezie pe hartie la fel de colorata si aromata.

Ce nu inteleg, este mutarea pe Dragobete. Nu mai intelege nimeni cine si ce sarbatoreste. Pai ba Sf. Valerica, ba Dragobetele care e romaneasca, nu? Zic, sa se aleaga de comun acord o data la mijlocul intervalului sa-i zica Sf. Valerete. Continue reading


(tradus in romana)

I will always love you….? Really? Not so much. Just wait until you die so I can go trough out your personal life like is my own and crush and analise everything I care or do not care like it is something natural.

Courious thing is that it have been only 2 days until Valentine’s Day so, could have she been celebrating for an early 14 of february? Continue reading

Whitney Houston is alive / traieste

Why blogging?

Since when I found out about internet and how stuff works I felt the need to express my self, to connect with people, to start conversation, to play online games and why not, start a revolution in online industry. Ok, I growth up realize where my place is and started from there, but why a blog? Continue reading


As maybe a half of the able to read population knows who is Paulo Coelho  and what kind of books he’s producing, so am I. My immense joy and appreciation for him got even bigger when I found Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

It is one of the first celebrity blogs that are written by his own hands and I mean, you can be absolutely positive about this, just because, I don’t think that you can impersonate Mr. Coelho writing. Continue reading

Paulo Coelho’s Blog

I want my kisses

Just because I threaten Jamie’s Oliver position :)) it doesn’t mean that I can’t improve myself, which led me to this . Great site with lots of explanatory pictures and great deal of recipes, not only Romanian but also international cooking. I would have one suggest for them. Make it in English also, it would be interesting for other people also to read it and became a great cook and receive a lot of kisses, no? Because all the great cooks are getting lots of kisses.

So, yes, I’ll keep on training for getting all the kisses in the world!!!!! Mwauhhahahaha!!! (Evil clown laughs)

Cu rusine recunosc

Ca nu sunt la curent cu scriitorii romani contemporani. Din calculele facute de cei de la Forbes cei mai bine vanduti autori contemporani romani sunt cei din poza si totusi sumele mi se par mari si oarecum voit micsorate ca asa se face in Romania, nu? Deci dn-ul Mircea Cartarescu cotat la niste venituri (banuiesc ca sunt doar din vanzarea cartilor nu si din alte activitati conexe) de 540.000 USD le-a facut pe spatele cartii “De ce iubim femeile?”. Cinstiti sa fim ca nu era atat de cunoscut inainte de mai sus mentionatul titlu. Adica, nu era citat de mai toate pitzi si altii pe facebook sau mail din sa zice”Orbitor”. Continue reading


The last year of the human kind as ancient Mayans predicted, is about to begin. Should we live this year as the last one in our lives?

Anyway, all I wanted is a summary and some new years resolutions but ended up thinking about Mayan culture and end of the world. Changing in a positive directions, shouldn’t we live not a year but every day as the last one? At least this is what most books, movies and people say.

Thinking back isn’t what the world said back in the 1900 when cars with combustion engines where like electrical cars now. Or back in the days when the first machinery replaced people, isn’t that the world said that everything with will come to an end.  In fact, we are afraid of the unknown. Not anybody knows what’s gonna happen in the next year, month or day, can only try to predict or to stick to a plan. Continue reading

1st December

I’ve always seen 1st December as a powerful and meaningful national holiday. But now, the years have passed so I think more and more about 1st of December (national holiday for being a Romanian). Almost every year we gathered among friends just to sit and talk maybe something to eat or going with the kids somewhere. But, know I know that this holiday is for sure to spend it doing what you want. But I mean what you really want. This day is supposed to make you wanna do that thing you’ve always wanted to do but you never have enough guts, because this is why our forefathers fought and liberated the country. For us to feel and be free. Not going on squares and shout things over to the government and prime and president or going politically on their asses unless, and read well unless you really feel like.

Celebrating for almost 20 years, 1st December, for the first time ( I think last years and the year before that was the same but never said nothing) feels like a normal day, not a holiday, but a free work day to do whatever you want.

But, isn’t that what is meant to be?

Feel free.