Catchy guerilla, but pink?! Why? maybe i’ll try it in my town…

found it here


The man with the golden mind

Back in the days there was a smart boy, who got very good grades in school and finished all the higher education with Magna Cum Laudae. This boy became a wise respected man in the community. He was invited to speak on local televisions and interviewed in magazines and public speaking in universities.

The man was happy in his small house that he inherited from his pasted parents. He didn’t need more for his life because he was welcomed and congratulated for bringing new and genius lights on many matters. Continue reading

Oscar 2012 Results :))

Full official results!

Related to Nostradamus, I’m not for sure. But still, I did get a few ones wright, despite the fact that I didn’ see more than 50% of the movies. So, 24 awards, I got it 5. Sweeeeett!!!

1.Best picture:

The Artist – wright

2.Best Actor:

Gary Oldman (i wish brad Pitt, because he changed his characters in the movies making him trough out the years a better and better actor) – Wrong!

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Hello! I’m from here!!!


Constantza my amour, the town to that i’m connected all the times. Is not my birth location but my grown up town. Near Black Sea, (i used to live only 20 minutes by foot, away from the beach) is a town with an influential power to me. And to find this here,  made my day on finding pictures on Constantza town, Romania. This little town is so much different of what you think Romania is.

Hotel Continental back in the days… way back

Please Mr. Ford Company, make another semi bus convertible type again. It can have a retro look. Don’t worry, I’ll find you buyers!!! (also in Constantza back in the days…:))


J. Edgar – the movie

Before I sat down to watch this movie I got so high expectation because of the people implied and I mean DiCaprio and Eastwood. Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby where some remarkable movies going into some artistic sphere of untouchables movies.

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Moto Defy Plus

Primele impresii pentru un motorola defy plus achizitionat prin reteaua Vodafone.


Marginile subtiri dau o nota de eleganta aparatului.

Se misca bine fara impresia ca s-ar bloca. Are ram si memorie interna destula.

Se simte ca un telefon rezistent. Nu l-am testat in apa inca:)

Ecranul este luminos. Butoanele de pe margine sunt ok.

Androidul se misca bine. Nu e Iphone, dar nici banii de Iphone nu-i dai pe el.


Butonul touch – search (coltul dreapta jos) este foarte sensibil. Cand te astepti mai putin il atingi.

Ecranul nu e atat de sensibil pe cat ar trebui cred. E TFT.

Androidul e mult prea permisiv. Lipseste un application killer, task manager intuitiv.


Pe masura ce mai butonez mai scriu.

Do you read minds, Mr Coelho?

It is like he red my mind. I was searching (not on the internet or something, but like inside my head) to what writing should be. Here is the answer.


E ca si cum mi-ar fi citit mintea. Cautam intr-un fel (nu pe net , dar undeva in capul meu) cum ar trebui sa fie scrisul unei carti. Aici e raspunsul.


Jean Claude Van Damme.

Well, since I was little, I was a huge fan. For the fight scenes, not the acting. “JCVD”, the movie had some small acting efforts, and that was it.  But for sure, I don’t think his next release will be a major hit: Welcome to the Jungle.

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Sf. Valentin = Sf. Valerica mai cu frica


Sa fi fost prin 1997 – 1998 cand am simtit ca trebuie mizat pe Sf. Valerica? Nu mai stiu. Sarbatoarea importata a prins un gust dulce aromat de ciocolata ambalata in forme de inimioare rosii si in Romania. Ce poate fi mai siropos decat o cutie de ciocolata in forma de inimioara? Nu stiu.. poate sa fie insotita de o mica poezie pe hartie la fel de colorata si aromata.

Ce nu inteleg, este mutarea pe Dragobete. Nu mai intelege nimeni cine si ce sarbatoreste. Pai ba Sf. Valerica, ba Dragobetele care e romaneasca, nu? Zic, sa se aleaga de comun acord o data la mijlocul intervalului sa-i zica Sf. Valerete. Continue reading


(tradus in romana)

I will always love you….? Really? Not so much. Just wait until you die so I can go trough out your personal life like is my own and crush and analise everything I care or do not care like it is something natural.

Courious thing is that it have been only 2 days until Valentine’s Day so, could have she been celebrating for an early 14 of february? Continue reading

Whitney Houston is alive / traieste

Analeigh Tipton

I don’t like especially that skinny girls, but somehow, I love this girl. She has a beauty of her own in her own galaxy. She’s out of the books for a regular normal looking hot girl. She has that something special … kind of a innocence of a teenager ready to do some not innocence stuff look. I reckon she will be for sure, if she keeps up the good work, the next big actress on Hollywood…

more of her : more and more

if you don’t know for sure where to get it from is from here…God, what a guy wouldn’t do for that imaginary naked pictures of herself 🙂

PS: an ample post later on Amanda Seyfried, almost in the same category, but these kind of girls have categories of her own

My humble approach

20 SEC READING: the boy and the devil — Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

” The boy was walking to buy bread when the mayor of the city crossed the street.

‘The reason he is so powerful, is because, he’s made a pact with the devil,’ a very devout woman in the street told the boy.

Some time later, when travelling to another town, the boy saw a beautiful corn field. He asked who the owner was. Continue reading