I meant Californication… I was tricked by the show itself to watch it. All 5 seasons in a week, between my other jobs and stuff I need to do, I saw Californication until season numero 5 episode 12. A little good luck charm on my behalf is that every time that i’m considering watching and following a show it will stop. Anyway…

I wasn’t new to the series, trying to watch it I think almost 3 years ago but didn’t find it quite interesting, sincerely back then.

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If it suits then it…Suits

I’m not a serials, TV shows kind of guy, but in the last months I really watched a lot of them. The last one “Suits” that I’m watching is on the legal side. Ok, I know through out some experiences that life in multinationals and high profile companies life can be a little on the edge so this side of it doesn’t impress me that much. Continue reading