I meant Californication… I was tricked by the show itself to watch it. All 5 seasons in a week, between my other jobs and stuff I need to do, I saw Californication until season numero 5 episode 12. A little good luck charm on my behalf is that every time that i’m considering watching and following a show it will stop. Anyway…

I wasn’t new to the series, trying to watch it I think almost 3 years ago but didn’t find it quite interesting, sincerely back then.

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J. Edgar – the movie

Before I sat down to watch this movie I got so high expectation because of the people implied and I mean DiCaprio and Eastwood. Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby where some remarkable movies going into some artistic sphere of untouchables movies.

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Moto Defy Plus

Primele impresii pentru un motorola defy plus achizitionat prin reteaua Vodafone.


Marginile subtiri dau o nota de eleganta aparatului.

Se misca bine fara impresia ca s-ar bloca. Are ram si memorie interna destula.

Se simte ca un telefon rezistent. Nu l-am testat in apa inca:)

Ecranul este luminos. Butoanele de pe margine sunt ok.

Androidul se misca bine. Nu e Iphone, dar nici banii de Iphone nu-i dai pe el.


Butonul touch – search (coltul dreapta jos) este foarte sensibil. Cand te astepti mai putin il atingi.

Ecranul nu e atat de sensibil pe cat ar trebui cred. E TFT.

Androidul e mult prea permisiv. Lipseste un application killer, task manager intuitiv.


Pe masura ce mai butonez mai scriu.

If it suits then it…Suits

I’m not a serials, TV shows kind of guy, but in the last months I really watched a lot of them. The last one “Suits” that I’m watching is on the legal side. Ok, I know through out some experiences that life in multinationals and high profile companies life can be a little on the edge so this side of it doesn’t impress me that much. Continue reading


Now this is really awkward, because generation MTV has really pull it off with a nice teenager’s show. Strongly recommended for almost every ages. And the title is almost to perfection because the new generation is what you might consider awkward… or am i gettin older? Doesn’t matter, the Awkward series is a good show about high school, popularity and major development in every life character. Nice one. I hope it doesn’t get stuck in just one season.

New Girl with major Hollywood asset as  Zooey Deschanel in first place, is very very boring.. i couldn’t watch even the pilot.

Even though i like  Kat Dennings her show “2 broke girls” doesn’t surprise me in not even a muscle. I mean, Denings is a good actor, a real actor who can impersonate almost any kind of girl but here is sort of getting lost some how. Maybe the economic downside has gotten her also. Like the forms on the girl. Looks beautiful and natural. Almost like a scream for ” Say No to plastic!” I’m right behind you:)


Elementary, my dear…

Now, I really like Robert Downey Jr. and his movies, not so much the Sherlock that was impersonated by him but hey it must be a commercial version PG rated. Anyway, from what I’ve seen lately I found the real Sherlock.

SherlockBenedict Cumberbatch) is the person which doesn’t gets to you from a distance, visually, but when you see it close to you it must be freackin’ ireal. Great choice of actors. I must admit that I only saw  Benedict Cumberbatch in minor roles and until now I didn’t know who he was. Martin Freeman same thing.

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One Day

One day you will realize that everything in life will be about the choices that you make and the destiny in front of you. Combining the 2 of them will simply be your life as you know it. Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t take down that roads in front and took another ones will I still meet me true love and have a beautiful child or maybe I didn’t even met them and it is all nothing but only a lie to my self?

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Johnny Powers…

aaahhhh… I mean Austin English… upppsssss sorry .. Johnny English.

It’s a new version of a secret agent James Bond mockery with some charm from Austin Powers, who could have used more ideas in a Hangover way or maybe some bright clever ones like following that Chinese guy with minimum physical effort.

Overall, Bean … sorry again Rowan does what he does best. Foolish mimics, toilet gags, chair gags, all sort of technology gags… all in one .. a little to expected, but hey, maybe that’s what they wanted.

Anyway, nice to see some old actors, nice that Atkinson is not on pension funds and still has something left to show or to earn (because it seemed a big budget movie).

Watchable if you don’t have anything else to do.


Crazy Stupid Soap Opera

From the beginning it doesn’t feel like one, only in the end. I’ll try not to make it a spoiler, but a few details must be said. Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei just got a little older in my eyes, although Marisa in the wrestler show more than a usual 40’s woman much more. I think one of the line in the movie was written with her in mind: Perfect combination of sexy and cute.

Ok, the story is keeping more than one lead although is presented only by Steve Carel role witch is nice but more nice is that the stroy doesn’t let you anticipate to much, only a little bit to keep you interested. Steve Carel does a decent role like all the others that is involved, he is the great mocked guy in all the movies that in the end gets it right. But with this movie there is a little more than this. There are one or more shots that get it right and gives you a player Steve Carel, witch is hard to imagine but it is possible. You can see that he worked a little in the gym for this. Continue reading

Skoda Octavia cu zambetul pe buze

Am zis eu ca s-a terminat vara, dar acum chiar s-a terminat. A/C ul il folosesc din ce in ce mai rar si masina s-a asezat parca din ce in ce mai bine. Nu ca ar trage mai bine, dar parca se misca mai bine. Poate ca m-am invatat eu cu ea. Oricum, toata lumea care s-a urcat in masina nu a ghicit motorul si cei care stiau au ramas mirati de cum trage. Nu e o sportiva, dar nici nu te lasa la greu.

Consum oras mediu 7,2 – 7,3 iar la drum lung un nou record personal sa zicem: 5,9. Ce as putea sa cer mai mult?  Un sofer personal poate:)

Skoda Octavia 1,2 TSI este una dintre cele mai bune alegeri pe care le-am facut.